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RAA “RUSADA” official comment based on a situation with the ROC Team’s figure skater


RAA “RUSADA” notes that in accordance with the All-Russian Anti-Doping Rules (Rules) and the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), the Athlete is a “protected person”. In this regard, information about the case related to the Athlete’s sample has not been publicly disclosed.

Given the public outcry caused by the controversial publications in the media, affecting interests of the Athlete, and also in order to avoid further speculations on this topic, RAA «RUSADA» considers it necessary to give an official comment.

During the planning process of testing of athletes who are candidates for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the Agency based on recommendations received from the panel of experts of the International Testing Agency (ITA). During the Russian Figure Skating Championships in St. Petersburg (December 25, 2021), the athletes participating in the competitions were tested. The analysis of doping samples was conducted in the Stockholm anti-doping laboratory, accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Information on the adverse analytical finding of Athlete's sample was received by RAA "RUSADA" on February 07, 2022. According to the information sent by the Laboratory to RAA "RUSADA", the delay in analysis and reporting by the Laboratory was caused by another wave of COVID-19, an increase in illness among Laboratory staff and quarantine rules.

After the Agency received the report from the laboratory, the Athlete was notified of a possible anti-doping rule violation and her rights. The Athlete was also provisional suspended from participating in competitions and other events (in according with the Rules).

Following a request from the Athlete's representatives, the Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee (DADC) hearing was held on 09 February 2022. On the same day, the DADC made a decision to cancel the suspension: the Athlete and the relevant anti-doping organizations - Russian Figure Skating Federation, ISU, WADA, IOC and ITA - were notified. To be mentioned, the DADC is an operationally independent body established to conduct hearings and make a decision on a possible anti-doping rules violation. RAA “RUSADA” has no influence on decisions taken by the DADC.

Due to the fact that the Athlete is a minor, and in accordance with Rules Article 1.3.1 and Code Article 20.5.12, RAA “RUSADA” initiated an investigation of the Athlete's personnel. The purpose of this investigation is to identify all the circumstances of the possible anti-doping rules violation in the interests of a “protected person”.

RAA “RUSADA” is strictly guided in its activities by the provisions of regulatory documents, namely the Code and International Standards. Strict compliance with the requirements and standards is especially important in the context of implementation of the CAS decision of December 17, 2020, fulfillment of the conditions for restoring the agency’s status and return to Athletes’ right to compete under the state flag and anthem of the Russian Federation.

The results management proceedings is ongoing, all necessary information on the case will be published by RAA «RUSADA» on the official website.