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In case anti-doping organization is interested in holding multiple out-of-competition testing of an athlete, it can include him or her in a list of athletes that are of special interest, the so-called "testing pool".

Criteria to include athletes in this list are the sports results, including in the number of candidates to participate in major sporting events, anti-doping rules violation committed by the athletes or their personnel, as well as other considerations that make anti-doping organization interested in testing a particular athlete, including the desire to resume his athletic career after retiring from the sport.

Inclusion in testing pool requires the athlete to provide timely information about his or her location. Failure to provide this information or providing false information may result in the anti-doping rules violation.

Please note that information is required even if in the reporting period there is no competitive or training activity, including skipping the season due to injury, imposition of provisional suspension or ineligibility.

The athlete stays in the testing pool until he or she gets notification of exclusion from the pool, or until he or she provides RUSADA with official retirement statement.

The athlete is solely responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of the information provided on the location, regardless of whether he or she provided the information requested or information was provided by a third party (family member, coach, physician, colleague).

National Registered Testing Pool RAA "RUSADA"
Extended testing pool RAA "RUSADA"
  • Information on the location should be provided by athletes included in RUSADA testing pool or in the International Federation testing pool.
    The obligation to provide location information occurs when an athlete is included in the testing pool, and he or she must provide this information until notification of exclusion from the pool is received or until athlete informs RUSADA about the end of sports career.
  • If you have already been included in the testing pool, you must provide information about the location for the next quarter before the beginning of each quarter.
    Athletes included in RUSADA testing pools must provide information before the 15th of the month prior to the beginning of the new quarter (i.e., until December 15 for the 1st quarter of next year, March 15, for the 2nd quarter, June 15 at 3 quarter and 15 September for the 4th quarter of the current year).
    If you are included in RUSADA testing pool for the first time, you must provide information about the location from the moment you received notification on inclusion, even if it is the middle of the quarter.
    The International Federation can establish other terms for the provision of information. Exact dates must be confirmed by the relevant International Sports Federation.

  • An athlete must provide all information necessary to ensure the smooth procedure of sample collection without prior notice.
    You must provide the following information:

    - Full address of the actual location for each day (home, hotel, training camp)
    - Addresses and the schedule of training, competition, road/flight, as detailed as possible, for a longer period
    - "A one-hour interval" - 60-minutes interval for each day from 5:00 to 23:00, during which you will be guaranteed to be at the specified location and will be available for testing (only for athletes included in the registered testing pool)
    - Personal information (phone, mailing address, email address, etc.)
    - Other information at the request of RUADA or the international Federation.

    Please note that it is necessary to update the location information timely in case of changes in the previously provided schedule. All addresses must be detailed and accurate. It is possible to change the specified "hour interval" in no later than 5 minutes before it starts.

    When staying in a place that does not have standard address (street / house / apartment), you must provide any information that will allow to locate you for testing (an accurate description of the house, its location, landmarks, GPS coordinates). If there are special circumstances (lack of a doorbell, a malfunction of the remote intercom, the location within the protected area, need to knock in a door or window), you must specify them in the location information.

    Please note that in the territory of Russian Federation there are closed administrative-territorial entities (ZATO, “closed cities”), a list of which is established by Government decree. You can find a list that was current at the February 2021 at the link. If you plan to stay in any of the “closed cities”, RUSADA must be informed in advance. Doping control officers may not have access to some of the territory of the “closed cities”. In case of a stay/residence in the territory of a “closed city” the provision of whereabouts and availability for testing remains the personal responsibility of each athlete.
    Please note that providing whereabouts for the territory of a closed city (ZATO), which RUSADA Doping Control Officers do not have access to will be automatically regarded as a whereabouts failure to the athlete. Athletes need to contact RUSADA in advance (tel.: +7 (499) 271-77-61 (ext. 119), email: Kamila.Shafeeva@rusada.ru)

  • "A one-hour interval" is a 60-minute period of time from 05:00 to 23:00, which athlete in the registered testing pool sets out every day on his or her own. In this hour you must be present at the specified address and be available for testing. There is only one "one-hour interval” that can be installed at a day. Changes of the specified "hour interval" are possible before it starts.
    The omission of "one-hour interval" by an athlete included in the registered testing pool, or absence at the specified address during this time period is a whereabouts failure, which may entail anti-doping rule violation.
  • It is required to provide and modify information about location via ADAMS. Username and password for the login you have received together with the notification of inclusion in the testing pool. Instructions on the system use are given in the relevant ADAMS section.
  • For athletes included in the testing pools, the untimely provision of information, provision of false information or the lack of "one-hour interval" at the address specified in ADAMS ("the whereabouts failure" / "missed test") is a violation of the availability rules for testing.

    Failure to provide information include:

    failure to provide information about the whereabouts within the specified time
    the lack of information on "a one-hour interval" for athletes included in registered testing pool
    providing false information

    A missed test is:

    the absence of the athlete at the specified address during the "one-hour interval"

    Please note that three violations within 12 months, regardless of whether they were recorded by RUSADA, WADA or the International Federation constitute an anti-doping rule violation, the sanction for which is two years of ineligibility.