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Ineligibility period

For athletes
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Results management and investigation of possible anti-doping rule violations is described in details in the relevant section (refer to section "Results Management"). This section provides only basic information on the responsibilities of the athlete during ineligibility period.

Limitations in the period of ineligibility

During the period of ineligibility, the athlete or other person has no right:

  • to participate in any capacity in a sporting event or other activity authorized or organized by any organization which is a signatory of the world anti-doping code, or its member organization
  • to participate in sports competitions organized or authorized by professional league or any international or national sport event organizer
  • to participate in any sports activity in sports of the higher achievements, or at the national level, funded by the body of state power and bodies of local self-government

The only exceptions are special anti-doping education or rehabilitation programs.

In addition, the person who violated anti-doping rules, except for the lifting of the sanctions because of "no fault or negligence" by RUSADA, the federal body of executive power in the sphere of physical culture and sports, regional executive bodies and national sports federations will be denied full or partial funding associated with sporting activities or other benefits received by such person in connection with sports activities.

Athletes, in respect of whom a decision on disqualification was made, must be available for testing. Athletes, included in testing pools at the time of disqualification, shall provide information on the location until they get notification of exclusion from the testing pool. RUSADA may, at its discretion, include in the testing pool those athletes who were not included in the testing pools at the time of disqualification.

Return to training activity.

Athlete can return to team trainings or use club training facilities or other member organization of those being signatory of the world anti-doping code, whichever is shorter:

  • in the last two months of ineligibility period
  • in the last quarter of ineligibility period

Athlete or other person disqualified for a period of more than four years, can participate after this period as an athlete in local sport events not under the jurisdiction of organizations that are signatory to the world anti-doping code, provided that these competitions do not allow such athlete or other person get qualified to participate in national or international sporting events, and the athlete or other person in any capacity may not work with minors.

Violation of the prohibition against participation during a period of ineligibility

In case athlete or other person violates the conditions of ineligibility indicated above, the results of the participation in the competition will be cancelled and the end of the first disqualification will be added to the new period of ineligibility equal in length to the initial term.