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RUSADA continues to implement its Education Strategy 2017-2020 to prevent the use of doping


Agency staff organize anti-doping seminars in national federations, sports and general education schools and universities, focusing on the development not only of athletes, but also coaches and sports physicians, using modern tools: online training, which has already passed more than 1500 people; webinars and seminars on Skype. An important aspect of any seminar is the promotion of sports values and properly aligned training.

At major sporting events, the agency's staff conducts Out-reach activities, including an interactive anti-doping quiz PLAY TRUE, in which both sportsmen and athletes personnel, as well as fans, parents, volunteers and everyone can take part.

The nearest PLAY TRUE quiz takes place from 6 to 9 June as part of the Moscow Cup 50m swimming competition.

RUSADA stands for clean and honest sports, high sports values, ethics and integrity.