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Doctor who prescribed meldonium to an athlete and did not allow her to go in for sports suspended from work with athletes.


The representative of the athlete addressed the RAA "RUSADA" with a complaint against the doctor of the medical and physical education department of one of the St. Petersburg medical institutions. During the investigation it was established that a minor female athlete, as part of a medical examination, was recommended to use meldonium, included in the list of substances prohibited for use in sports. The athlete refused to take the medication and drew the doctor's attention to the fact that meldonium is prohibited in sports. After that, the doctor illegally did not allow the athlete to play sports. 

RAA "RUSADA" appealed to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with a request to inspect the activities of the doctor and medical organization. The audit found that the said doctor, not being a specialist in sports medicine and not having the authority to do so, did not allow nine people to go in for sports. The prosecutor's office of the St. Petersburg Kalininsky district made a representation in a medical institution. Disciplinary measures were applied to the doctor and the head of the department. Also, the doctor was transferred to work not related to the examination and treatment of athletes. 

RAA "RUSADA" expresses gratitude to the staff of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation 74 Department, as well as the prosecutor's office of the St. Petersburg  Kalininsky district for operational and professional work aimed at preventing such cases in medical organizations.