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RUSADA opens a competition for the position of Head of the Testing Department


In the context of the role, to ensure RUSADA has the organizational integrity, capacity and capability to protect athletes' fundamental rights to participate in doping-free sport, and to ensure effective detection, deterrence and prevention of doping.


  • To manage all Testing Department staff, resources, functionality and operations to deliver testing programs with sufficient capacity to satisfy RUSADA testing requirements in numbers and most importantly, quality of tests.
  • To support the senior management in the provision of advice and knowledge of testing processes, and to liaise with all senior managers, especially the heads of Investigations, Results Management, Science, and Education, in the exchange of information to maintain the most effective testing programs.
  • To support the Director General with information and knowledge gained via the testing processes to enable effective mid- and long-term organisational planning, budgeting and projections.
  • To participate in nominated departmental committee boards established to peer-review processes and outputs of departments.
  • To represent RUSADA as appropriate in external engagements, including meetings, seminars and training events, both in Russia and overseas, in order to acquire broader knowledge of testing and NADO operations, to liaise with external stakeholders on testing-related matters, and to promote RUSADA's status as a world-leading NADO.


  • To oversee the gathering of information from multiple sources (including from RUSADA science, investigations and results management processes and operations) for the production of on-going risk analyses; to drive the risk analysis process managing all testing staff and others in the productions of the analyses; to oversee the production of timely targeted testing plans and regular testing plans that are aligned to the prioritized sports environment season by season and year by year; to ensure sufficient testing resources are available and deployed (including from RUSADA DCP and other service providers); to execute timely and sufficient sample collection operations managing the Testing department staff; to ensure the geographical distribution of DCP matches the priority and clustered areas of sport across Russia; to ensure the regulatory/legal integrity and timeliness of the sample collection, dispatch and delivery mechanisms; and to ensure sufficient numbers of tests are completed per annum of a qualitative nature that are appropriate in proportion to the risk of doping in Russia.
  • To ensure there is sufficient and trained resource in terms of personnel (supervisors, analysts, SMEs, and DCP), equipment and administrative support materials, and budgetary funds to achieve the tasks at para 4.1.
  • To manage the work inputs and outputs of all Testing department staff, their performance, welfare and results, as part of a team environment, and to participate in the recruitment, and decision-making of the recruitment, of departmental staff.
  • To sit on Committees as required to participate in the objective peer oversight of departmental processes and output.
  • To represent RUSADA at relevant external meetings.


  • University degree; advanced degree/s preferable.
  • Demonstrable and proven motivational, management and team leadership skills.
  • Hands-on working capabilities.
  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship building skills.
  • Flexibility and ability to work on multiple projects, and to deadlines.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to use managerial judgment, initiative and independence.
  • Experience in working in sensitive and confidential professional environments.
  • Experience in representational events for organizations.
  • Ability to work with staff inclusivity and diversity.
  • Proven attention to detail in delivering outputs, reports and documentation.
  • Fluent Russian and English.

The engagement, work and outputs concerning RUSADA's work are to be treated as CONFIDENTIAL. No communication relating to such work with other persons or parties, beyond nominated RUSADA staff members, is authorized, unless with prior agreement with the head of department or Senior RUSADA leadership.

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