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Risk of contamination of nutritional supplements


The Study, conducted by the Department of Sports Medicine of the Russian University of Sports "GTSOLIFK", shows that from 10 to 58% of biologically active additives (BAA), or nutritional supplements, can be contaminated with substances prohibited in sports. The most common substances  found in them are anabolic androgenic steroids (AASs) and stimulants.

Nutritional supplements are widely used by athletes, but a lot of athletes may not be aware of their contamination. The authors of the Study “Prevalence of Contamination of Nutritional Supplements Popular Among Athletes,” highlight that some products may contain undeclared or illegal substances due to unethical manufacturing and marketing practices. Athletes should be aware of the risk of testing positive due to contamination of a nutritional supplement with a substance prohibited in sport, and remember the principle of strict liability: the Athlete is responsible for everything that enters his body.

Be careful and check your supplements carefully to protect your career, reputation and health!

RUSADA does not provide advice on nutritional supplements and does not recommend their use.