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Parents of athletes are important participants in the educational anti–doping process


RUSADA has prepared information materials for parents of athletes about when and why children may be at risk for anti-doping violations.

Parents are a role model for young athletes. Just like a coach, parents influence on formation of an athlete's values, his perception and strict adherence to the rules of sports and anti-doping rules. In addition, parents are responsible for the physical and psychological health of their child.

Specialists of the RUSADA Educational Program Implementation Department met with psychologist and business coach Elena Kuzina to discuss the project-an appeal to the parents of athletes. The main goal of this project is to convey to parents that their actions, statements and even accidentally thrown phrases can lead a child to psychological trauma and, as a result, to possible violations of anti–doping rules.

In September, RUSADA is planning a series of publications with important and useful information for parents of athletes. Stay tuned and subscribe to the RUSADA social network:

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