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Documents confirming the authority of the Doping Control Officer


"What documents should a RUSADA Doping Control Officer (DCO) carry with him?" - this question was one of the most popular among the participants of the "All-Russian Meeting on topical problems of anti-doping policy implementation".

According to paragraph 5.3.3 of the International Standard for the Testing and Investigations (ISTI), Sample Collection Personnel must be in possession of official documents certifying their authority to collect Samples from Athletes provided by the organization responsible for Sample collection.

RUSADA Sample Collection Personnel shall carry the following documents:

  • a letter of authority to collect Samples issued by RUSADA or the other Anti-Doping Organization that initiated the test (sample available at the link below)
  • RUSADA Doping Control Officer/Chaperone/Blood Sample Collection Personnel lisence (sample available at the link below).

RUSADA lisence card has all the necessary details to verify identity and can be presented to authorized persons to gain access to the Athlete's whereabouts.

Please note that on the territory of the Russian Federation testing of athletes can also be carried out by sample collection personnel of international organizations on behalf of international anti-doping organizations, for example, IDTM (International Doping Tests & Management) or PWC (Professional Worldwide Controls) and others.

 In this case, the ID card may look different, but according to the ISTI it must contain the following information:

  • photo;
  • full name;
  • the period of validity of the certificate;

As a rule, the certificate also contains:

  • name of the organization responsible for sampling;
  • number of the certificate;
  • the signature of the authorized person of the organization.

The organizations responsible for sample collection shall not issue or issue specialized accreditations or photo certificates for all categories of sample collection personnel. In the event that Sample Collection Personnel do not have a credential, it is acceptable under the ISTI for him/her to present a letter of authorization and other identification (passport).

The RUSADA Sample Collection Personnel credential forms and an example of a letter of credentials are available at:


 To view the International Standard for Testing and Investigations 2023, please visit the RUSADA website: