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Can athletes get plasmapheresis?


Plasmapheresis is a method of separating blood into its constituent parts.

This method is prohibited in sport, as it belongs to class M1 of the Prohibited List - "Manipulations with blood and its components": blood transfusion, as well as the introduction of red blood cells of any origin (including own blood cells, e.g. plasma donation) into the circulatory system.

Plasmapheresis in plasma donation may be prohibited under class M1.1 of the Prohibited List because the donor's own red blood cells (and other blood components) are reintroduced back into the circulatory system after separation of plasma and blood components. It may also be prohibited under class M2.2 of the Prohibited List because the procedure may end with the administration of saline solution in excess of 100 mL in a 12-hour period.

As a reminder, under the principle of strict liability, the athlete is responsible for anything that enters his/her body.

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