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Attention athletes in testing pools!


To remind athletes in testing pools about the need to provide location information in the ADAMS system for the 3rd quarter of 2023.

The deadline for providing information for athletes in RUSADA testing pools:
15 JUNE 2023

It is important to specify all information (house, building, intercom code, floor, apartment number) and take all necessary measures to ensure unimpeded access for the doping control inspector (for example, notify security, hotel and sports complex administrations of the possibility of arrival of the doping control inspectors).

Athletes in international testing pools should check with their International Federation for the deadline for providing information.

13 and June 14 RUSADA will hold webinars for athletes in testing pools.

The webinars will cover the following topics:
〰 types of testing pools;
〰 basics of working in ADAMS;
〰 how to provide location information in ADAMS;
〰 common mistakes when filling out;
〰 processing results in case of violation of the procedure for providing location information;
〰 responsibility of the athlete for violating the procedure for providing location information.

Links to register for webinars will be sent to all athletes in pools at the email address listed in ADAMS. Athletes will be able to ask RUSADA experts questions and break down the difficulties arising when completing the system.

The ADAMS User Guide:

Step-by-step video guide for ADAMS users: