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Anti-doping magazine of Games Children of Asia 2022: day 2


July 29 is the first day of competitions within the framework of the International Sports Games "Children of Asia 2022".

For most of the participants, these are the first international-level sports starts. Along with new experience, they get new knowledge. In particular, thanks to the seminar "Rules that should not be violated", which was held for athletes by Evgeny Khristenko, chief specialist of the Department for the implementation of educational programs of RUSADA.

In the breaks between training and competitions, junior athletes took part in an anti-doping quiz. We have compiled the top of the most popular misconceptions that we have heard from athletes today.

Misconception: "Doping inspectors will not come to our wilderness"

In fact: RUSADA's doping control officers are experts in the most remote corners of Russia. They travel a lot around the country with their missions and can even come to an athlete "on the dog sled" to take doping samples.

Misconception: "You can't take a representative for the doping control procedure"

In fact: every athlete has the right to a representative during the doping control procedure. And a minor athlete also has the right to a special modification of the procedure.

Misconception: "You can use biologically active additives because they are sold in a pharmacy"

In fact: we do not recommend athletes to use biologically active additives and dietary supplements. Unfortunately, there are many cases in world practice when manufacturers did not indicate the full composition of the supplement on the package and the athlete did not know that he was using a prohibited substance. Thus, the use of any dietary supplements may lead to the possibility of violating anti-doping rules.

Thanks to live communication with children, a quiz and a seminar, RUSADA employees managed to help young athletes deal with the questions that arose. We believe and hope that these guys now firmly know their rights and will always play fair!